The McCabe Foundation was created by SendOutCards Co-founders, Kody and Jodi Bateman, to honor the time Kody spent in Baltimore, MD, on McCabe Avenue as part of a service mission when he was a young man. This experience left a permanent imprint on Kody’s heart through the people he got to spend time with. While there, a man named Tony Watson helped Kody to be accepted into the community – from teaching Kody how to rap on the corner of McCabe Avenue to creating connections with those in the neighborhood, Tony gave Kody what many couldn’t – a chance. As a way to honor Tony and the people of McCabe Avenue, Kody created the McCabe Foundation.

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The McCabe Foundation provides opportunities that connect inner city youth with the resources to help them live the life of their dreams. We work alongside a community of heart centered people that are involved with the premier relationship marketing company, SendOutCards. Together, we raise funds and contribute talent to serve, mentor and support inner city youth nationwide.


The McCabe Foundation will work alongside varying professionals to create powerful and stimulating programs, with specific focus in 4 areas. These meticulously crafted courses will provide access to professionals who will teach life-changing principles focused on personal development, music, entrepreneurship and business, art and sports. Our goal is to empower youth by providing life skills needed to create a bright future. The platforms we use to disseminate these programs are currently in development.

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Professional musicians conduct an educational experience to teach about the intricacies of music production, while helping students use their own gifts to write songs and compositions with the mentors hosting the event.

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In partnership with Nancy Lieberman Charities, we raise funds to build Dream Courts – that bring people in the community together through sport. We are working to support them in their endeavors to teach these children skills to help them in their future.

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Personal Development

These workshops will deliver the fundamental framework that helps create the mindset that success is built upon. Personal development expert, Kody Bateman, will deliver programs to discuss the importance of reaching for goals, planning for the future, and the belief that these kids deserve it.

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Entrepreneurship & Business

In an effort to show the youth that a business can be created from what they are passionate about, this program will teach just that. Business professionals will show them how they can turn their talents & gifts into potential income opportunities.


The McCabe Foundation is honored to partner with Nancy Lieberman Charities to bring life skills to youth through competitive sports, mentorship, and various educational opportunities. Together we will make a powerful difference in the lives of many. We look forward to building our first Dream Court in Baltimore, MD – the first of many projects we will do together to enhance the lives of future generations. Though they still do work independently they partner to bring people from all over the world together to serve.


Our first project, building a Dream Court with our partnership with the Nancy Lieberman Charities, is currently our top priority. Our remaining efforts are being spent developing the curriculum for our each of our programs and how we can facilitate them in the most beneficial way for the youth, nationwide. The McCabe Foundation is a 501(c)(3), in which anyone can donate and your funds help us get closer to achieving our goal of giving kids the chance of a brighter future.

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