A Heart-Centered Community

The McCabe Foundation is fueled in part by our connection with a worldwide, heart-centered community – SendOutCards. SendOutCards is the premier relationship marketing system, designed to help create meaningful connections between people. They strive to help others reach out in kindness and create an income, based on building a dream lifestyle as they achieve their goals. This is the perfect pairing for what we do at the McCabe Foundation. This community has been integral in gathering funds for the foundation since 2012 when their passion for the mission of the McCabe Foundation was on full display.

Each year, SendOutCards hosts an annual convention where many like-minded individuals from all over the world gather together and connect. During this particular event, McCabe Foundation founder Kody Bateman began a presentation about his hopes and ideas for the charity. He debuted a poster that would be sold during the event, with 100% of the proceeds going toward launching the McCabe Foundation. Before Kody could even finish laying out the vision he had for all of the incredible things he wanted the McCabe Foundation to do, members of the audience began approaching the stage and donating to the cause! Without any concern over actually getting the poster that was being sold, they wanted to contribute. And contribute, they did! Person after person approached the stage and laid down hundreds of dollars, taking multiple minutes to get through everyone. It was an experience that is still talked about and is the perfect reflection of how passionate the people of SendOutCards are about helping others.

SendOutCards Affiliates are also contributing to the McCabe Foundation regularly. SendOutCards is a network marketing company, allowing individuals to become Affiliates and build a sustainable income by offering SendOutCards products to the world. Many of these Affiliates have elected to have percentages of their commission checks donated directly to the McCabe Foundation. This is just another way this humble and giving group of individuals gives back.

We are so grateful to be involved with a company that values what we are trying to do. We are on a mission to give youth the tools they need to become successful, thriving adults. It is important to us that we partner with others who are passionate about what we do and are willing to do whatever it takes to help children who could use extra support and resources.