The McCabe Foundation Initiatives

1. Build our first Dream Court in partnership with Nancy Lieberman Charities

Nancy Lieberman Charities has put together an operation that connects youth with positive influences through the basketball, mentorship, and educational opportunities. The Dream Courts we create and build will become a place for communities to come together. This is why this is our top priority with the McCabe Foundation. We know this partnership will bring a lasting impact, and we’re so excited to be actively working towards this goal.

To get involved or donate to this initiative click here.

2. Integrate McCabe Foundation Programs into Nancy Lieberman Charities

The McCabe Foundation is creating programs for youth that will help them build foundations for their future. These programs focus on personal development, professional development, business, entrepreneurship, music, arts, and sports. Our second priority is to integrate these programs into Nancy Lieberman Charities and their current efforts to provide education and mentorship. This partnership will to help cultivate dreams of kids across the nation.

3. McCabe Foundation Program Expansion

The third priority is to expand our program offering by bringing them to cities all over the nation. This expansion project will offer personal development and life skills to kids across the nation.

4. Donations For Supplies

Many of the McCabe Foundation programs require equipment, supplies, and educational materials. Our fourth priority is to allocate money to purchase and distribute supplies to the kids we’re serving.

The McCabe Foundation started with a dream of making an impact in the lives of inner city youth. It has grown into an even bigger dream of bringing people together to serve, support and give love to these youth. When people come together to reach out in kindness, differences are valued, unity is nurtured, and lives are changed for the better. We are so grateful for the community The McCabe Foundation is creating and we would love for you to be a part of it. Everything helps. If you have a talent to contribute or a connection to someone who would love this mission, fill out a form to get in touch with us. You can also make monetary donations in any increment. Share our efforts with your friends. We know that together we can make a lasting impact that will help inner city youth live their dreams.