The Power of Connection

How creating relationships changes the world

Connection has the power to change the world. It’s through connections with others that we find acceptance. It’s how we feel valued, appreciated, and loved exactly as we are. There are times in our lives when we feel like we don’t belong, aren’t enough, or don’t fit in. When we face those times, it can seem difficult to make a connection. When we feel we don’t belong and that all we need is a friend, it can be hard to reach out and make one. But when we remember the power of connection and find the courage within us to step beyond our fear and let someone know we really see them and value who they are, it becomes more about connection and less about fitting in.

True connection is created when we choose to see beyond expectations and into the hearts of each other. When we take the time to see the heart, we create connections that will change our lives and in turn change the world.

The McCabe Foundation was born out of an experience that took place on the corner of McCabe Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. It was these moments and experiences that inspired Founder Kody Bateman to create a foundation later in life. Every day, he experienced what it feels like to not be accepted, until he met Tony Watson. Tony took the time to see into Kody’s heart and their friendship grew through rap music. Before he knew it, Kody was a part of the community, all because someone took the time to see who Kody was. A connection was created and became a foundation for an entire movement that is alive today through Kody’s company SendOutCards, and the McCabe Foundation.

Dream partnerships have been created since then, by following the same principles Kody learned on McCabe Avenue. Kody has spent his life teaching these principles to people all over the world. This has had a chain reaction as friendships are formed and relationships are cultivated. One of these partnerships is with Nancy Lieberman Charities.

Because this mentality of connection is instilled throughout Kody’s company, everyone involved creates relationships and connection with others every day. Tara Rising, an affiliate of SendOutCards, made a connection with Alla Bardov from Nancy Lieberman Charities. They quickly found the parallels in the missions of each foundation and knew that Kody and Nancy needed to meet. Within minutes of their first conversation, a friendship was made and a partnership was born. All from making connection a part of their everyday life.

Nancy Lieberman experienced something similar to Kody’s story and was accepted and loved through playing basketball. On the courts she was a part of the community. Friendships were born and deep connections were created.

We are honored to partner with Nancy Lieberman Charities and we look forward to what is in store for the future of this heart-led collaboration.

Do you have a connection with someone who would like to get involved with the McCabe Foundation’s mission? Or do you want to get involved personally? Fill out an application here and we will be in touch. May we always remember the power of connection.